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About Us

An Indian micronising company established in 2005, operating in pharmaceutical ,bulk drugs,cosmetic and dies&pigment industry.


Our business is focused on mechanically improving the physical properties of APIS to be the best in class partner for pharmaceutical and fine chemical customers worldwide.

We want to build the world's leading solution provider for pharma micronisation through a focused and high quality service portfolio, long term client relationship innovative technologies and highly skilled employees.


Super jet mill

Super Jet Mill

Super jet mill/micronizer with direct collection of product from the grinding chamber without risk of fiber contamination and built in static classifying system that assure very narrow particle size distribution.

Powder feeder

Twin screw feeder, volumetric type with concave profile, self cleaning screws, that can break agglomerates and to assure an accurate feeding of poor flowing products for the whole batch.

Dust collecting system

High efficiency dust separator combining inertial and static effects, with membrane fiber cartridge, reverse pulse, automatic cleaning and final safety HEPA that exhaust breathing air quality to the atmosphere.

Model No. Jet Mill size (Inches) Air/inert gas flow rate (CFM) Capacity in Kg/Hr Min/Max* Final particle size (Range in ┬Ám)
25 RPS 2" 25 0.05 - 1 0.05 - 10
50 RPS 4" 50 0.25 - 5 0.5 - 10
150 RPS 6" 75 0.25 - 18 0.5 - 10
200 RPS 8" 110 0.5 - 30 0.5 - 10
300 RPS 122" 250 1 - 80 0.5 - 10
400 RPS 16" 400 3 - 150 0.5 - 10
500 RPS 20" 600 5 - 350 0.5 - 10
600 RPS 24" 900 8 - 500 0.5 - 10
750 RPS 30" 1300 25 - 1000 0.5 - 10
900 RPS 36" 1900 40 - 1500 0.5 - 10
1050 RPS 42" 2800 80 - 3000 0.5 - 10

*Capacity depends on final particle size and properties of the product to be milled.

Twin screw powder feeder:

Twin Screw Powder Feeder

Twin screw powder feeder, volumetric type which is a main aspect of feeding product into jet mill.

Twin screw powder feeder can be used for both free flowing as well as non-flowable, sticky powders and low bulk density powders, etc.

Twin screw powder feeder has the best uniform feeding, which is a main aspect of jetmill output particle size. Better the uniformity better are the PSD results.

The flow behavior of different bulk solids can vary greatly depending on the material properties or particle geometry.

The concave profile of the screw makes it suitable for feeding sticky and non-flowable products.

In twin screw, the two screws rotate in same direction in mesh with each other. The first screw feeds the powder forward while second screw try to clean the powder behind it, so there is no dead volume left in the bowl after complete feeding.

Our unique design of the agitator prevents rat-hole and bridging formation inside the bowl. The bowl is designed in such a manner that there is no dead volume left after complete process of powder feeding.

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