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Well designed, high speed mechanical mills can grind some friable materials into the low micron size range but wear and product contamination is a serious problem as is attritional heat. Practically, the high speed mechanical mill (hammer etc. mill) cutoff is 200 mesh with a typical mid range of 80 mesh. Abrasive products will seriously erode most hammer mills adding metallic contamination to the product. Materials that degrade with heat or have low melt temperatures are a problem in hammer mills because of the heat generated in the mill.
In a jet mill the temperature of the air leaving the jets is cooled to about –200 degs F due to the Joules Thompson effect and the product leaves no warmer than the air used for the grinding. (Friction from collisions and contact with the grinding chamber is offset by the cooling effect of the expanding air).
Typically the jet mill will grind friable or crystalline materials down to the 1 to 10 micron average particle size range. Some products, such as some molybdenum compounds, paint pigments and similar products, can be reduced to particles as small as 200 nanometers. Work in the nano size range can also be the deagglomeration of nano size particles.
Particles larger than 10 microns are generally hard-to-fracture polymers such as toner compounds or hard waxes, and some organic materials, but if a larger size is wanted, many products can be ground larger than 10 microns by reducing power to the mill or by increasing the rate of feed. Some products are simply polished to remove sharp edges by running at elevated feed rates with low grinding pressure, a process that changes how the material compacts.
Any powder that is crystalline or friable can be ground in a jet mill. For example, diamonds can easily be ground in the jet mill but an amorphous glass is difficult to fine grind. Moist materials may also be flash dried and ground at the same time using heated air or superheated steam. Generally, if the material is not a slurry and can be fed to the mill injector, it can be dried and ground in a jet mill. The most common materials ground in the jet mill are Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide and similar pigments; abrasive materials such as Aluminum Oxide, Silica, Wollastonite, Cerium Oxide and Diamond; chemicals such as Barium Titanate, Azodicarbonamide, Sodium Benzoate, TCC and TCP; many cosmetic products and many pharmaceutical products… to name a few.


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